The German Women’s Association in Pretoria has been in existence for 95 years. The early 1920’s were meagre times when a group of German women got together on the 29 June 1921 as a sewing club to help the needy and also to cultivate German fellowship. After this initial meeting, they got together regularly and diligently.

Since then, our Association has experienced steady growth, in terms of membership, social support, charity and harmony. Our social events have always been combined with fundraising and this enabled us to acquire property quite early in our existence. It gave us great joy when we and our sponsors were able to welcome senior members of the German-speaking community as residents in the first building of the Altersheim, as early as 1963.

And the growth continued: the Old Age Home was extended, Frail Care was added in 1982, DEFRA flats were built, as well as the Ohlthaver Hall for our events. These facilities were extended and the family kept growing. But then there was still that empty stand on the corner…..

….it took many years before the women and men (yes, for quite some time men have been members of the Women’s Association) of the council decided on the huge task of building a German Senior Residence (Deutsches Senioren Wohnheim) with larger, comfortable apartments on the concept of Life Right Ownership (LRO). Only someone who experienced the planning and construction phases can fully appreciate the enormity of the achievement. After being on the market for only about 6 months practically all of the 73 apartments were sold.

Since 2005 our seniors now live in DSW, enjoying the numerous amenities such as a dining room, librarly, fitness studio with sauna, heated pool and communal halls. All residents have free access to daily medical care by a registered Sister during the week.